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Death Valley to Las Vegas

Here's a couple of shots from a recent IFR flight from Death Valley's Furnace Creek Airport (L06) to Las Vegas McCarran (KLAS). The LA Center controller on the VATSIM online network was simply great. He had two aircraft on each finger and remained the calmness in person. Very professional! We filed BTY HIDEN and a cruise alt of 17000ft.

On the ramp at Furnace Creek Airport (L06):

Climbing out direct BTY:

Northern Death Valley:

At BTY we were turning to a heading of 126 degrees:

Death Valley with Telescope Peak in the west:

At HIDEN we got our first vector for the approach. In the distance you can see the snow covered peak of Mt. Charleston:

Vegas comes in sight:

Then we were vectored southeast of the airport to a left downwind for a visual approach to RW19R. Visual approaches are nice!

We got a traffic to follow for the approach. Visual approaches with traffic to follow are even nicer!

The traffic ahead flew a BIG pattern:

That even brought us over Nellis:

But finally we made it to the final:

And landed - Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas!

This was a great flight!

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