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Fun Flight from Boulder Municipal (KBVU) to Death Valley's Furnace Creek (L06)

Joop and I finally found the time to do a little flight together! It was great fun and here we have a couple of images:

On the ramp in KBVU:

Taxi to RW27R Joop is just behind me:

Climbing out Boulder:

Craning my head - where is Joop? Must be somewhere far behing me:

Oh no! - He is far ahead of me as I'm overflying Henderson:

Climbing along the Spring Mountains Ridge:

Circling around Mt Charleston:

Descending towards Calvada Meadows (NV74) where we did a little stop-over:

Left downwind Calvada Meadows RW33 - Joop is has just landed:

Now I'm turning final too:

On the ramp in Calvada Meadows:

Climbing out and turning towards Shoshone:

Overhead Shoshone. Fortunately the Shoshone and Panamint MOAs were not hot today:

One of the rare moments when Joop was behind me:

Entering Death Valley National Park. From now on we have to stay at least 2000ft AGL:

Looks pretty dead, but isn't. More than 600 different species of plants and animals live here:

Badwater - the lowest place in the US:

Furnace Creek comes into view:

Left downwind for Furnace Creeks RW33. Joop has just landed:

Turning final:

On the ramp:

It was great fun and we will certainly do some more flights in the future!

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