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Flight from Las Vegas to Death Valley

And here's the return flight from Vegas (KLAS) to Death Valley (L06). We filed HIDEN BTY and a cruise alt of 16000ft.

Holding short RW 19R in Vegas:

Climbing out runway heading. First we got a vector to the south to clear the mountains west of Vegas:

Then we got a vector to 240 degrees:

Next we were cleared to intercept the LAS 251 radial and then direct HIDEN and thence own nav:

Shortly before intercepting the LAS 251 radial.:

Too much looking out of the window, we overshot the radial but corrected that before it got an issue:

Long before BTY we got a vector to Furnace Creek. Telescope Peak and Death Valley come into view:

We were cleared down to 9200ft. I read back 9000ft and the controller immediately noticed.:

Furnace Creek at 12 o'clock:

We overflew the field and circled down to a left downwind for RW33:

circle, circle:

Entering 45 left downwind. The airfield is at -210ft and pattern altitude is 790ft:

Landing RW33:

One the ramp. The evening light was very beautiful:

In fact, it was so beautiful that I took my King Air up for another spin.


Last light on the ramp:

Thanks for looking!

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